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To establish water projects, micro-enterprise initiatives, health clinics, food programs, educational programs and agricultural solutions that bring immediate relief and break the poverty cycle for those living in poverty and distress.

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Our board consists of a group of committed and highly motivated individuals here in Australia, partnering with our team in Kenya

David Leslie – CEO

David Leslie is the CEO of Mission58. He started his career in the corporate world in 1989. Working for various banks including National Westminster, County Natwest and finishing in a senior role at Bankers Trust in 1996.

David formed an executive consulting company in 1997 . For 9 years his company focused on on executive consulting, financial advice, philanthropy strategies, business planning, wealth coaching and leadership training for business professionals, corporations, sporting stars, politicians and CEO’s of major corporations in Australia.

Over the last 11 years David has managed, operated and invested in many different companies. The objective of these is to help fund initiatives to break the poverty cycle for this living in social and economic distress. During this time establishing several education centers throughout Africa and Asia to help lift those out of poverty. This is his passion and why Mission58 has been formed. To bring relief and help break the poverty cycle through 5 key areas.

Simone Leslie Mission58

Simone Leslie

Simone Leslie is a Master Neuro Strategist, author, radio & television presenter who has worked with fortune 500 companies, top corporate executives, elite athletes and everyday people around the globe for the past 18+ years.

Her expertise as a neuro strategist has not come just from text books, but largely from her own struggle and breakthrough with anxiety, depression and suicide.  Personally experiencing the depth of pain and darkness drove her to find the map out of there. She has since created physical and online programs that deal with the root cause of anxiety and depression and now teaches around the world offering hope and freedom to thousands.

Her desire to see people achieve breakthrough and live a fulfilled life seems to be written in her DNA. She is a brand ambassador & speaks for several not for profit organizations and conferences in Australia, USA, Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia.  Simone’s heart is to create a movement of “paying it forward”, lifting people out of impoverished environments and mindsets so they in turn can do the same for others.

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