Micro Enterprise Project $50,000

///Micro Enterprise Project $50,000
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Project Description

Unfortunately due to the lack of water, there is currently no opportunity to lend monies as the vast majority of small business is reliant upon Agriculture. Once the water infrastructure is established and local communities have a means to grow crops and feed lifestock, it opens up the opportunity for Micro Enterprise.

Of the 5000-people living in Kiamichi. the majority have no form of income producing work.  Some of the younger men in the dry season, shovel sand into bags to be sold to builders in the nearby town of Murunga. The income generated from this is negligible and only available certain times of the year. This work is very dangerous as sand is excavated from areas on the hill that are extremely unstable. During our visit a young man was trying excavate sand from an underground area. Whilst doing this, it caved in on him and he lost his life.

We are raising $50,000 to help


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